The Ride in 2 BMX day held at Bayside was a great success despite the windy conditions on the day. A total of 50 new riders showed up and had a go on the track. While some of the participants were alerted previously from the Bayside Facebook and instagram pages, there were also some who just happened to be riding their bikes at the track when the team were setting up for the event. 

The event was scheduled to start at 10 am but as the staging area was being set up for registration, there were already a crowd building, interested in what was happening. The team doing the registration and gear/bike sizing were kept busy for at least the following hour helping out the participants and answering different questions that came with them.


Winds started picking up right before our event started and strong gusts continually hit the track throughout the whole afternoon. Despite the strong winds, all riders were able to go through all sections of the track without much difficulty.


The track was divided into two sections.

Section One

first half for licensed riders only consisting of the start gate and the first two straights. Existing Bayside riders went on the gate and rolled through the straights demonstrating mock races and more advanced skills such as manualling and jumping.

Section Two

Second half for Ride in 2 BMX participants. Coach Sean was able to guide the riders through techniques required to tackle different sections of the track. Once the riders were comfortable with the basic techniques, they were allowed on the track with others to simulate typical race/practice conditions where riders are required to share the track with others.

All participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the track with most of the riders staying on the track until the end of the day.

Thanks to all the volunteers involved in making the event happen.