May 19 saw a major track facelift and upgrade for the Bayside BMX Club. Headed by Sean O’Connor, Marty Rennick and Jimmy Moes, work done to the track include the burying of the start gate air hose, resurfacing works on the washed out and worn out parts of the track, restoration of the start gate control hut and complete cleanout of the canteen and storage shed.

The storage shed had been cleaned out and reorganized a day prior as a precursor to the massive project. While there were binfuls of obsolete and broken equipment found in the shed, discoveries of other items previously hidden did come in handy. The team found some spare parts that were recycled for the air hose burial, extra shovels and brooms, a winch for the start gate control hut and also some memorabilia from the club’s early years. The canteen received a thorough clean out, gaps and cracks were filled and all squeaky hinges were oiled.

A trench was dug from the start hill to the compressor to accommodate a conduit for the start gate air hose. The job took about 4 men (aided by some young BMX riders) on shovels and 1 mini excavator around 5 hours to complete. This not only eliminates the need for the setup and packing up of the air hose every week, which takes about 10 -15 minutes per run, it also reduces the constant maintenance of the hose fittings and clamps from wear and tear.

At the bottom of the first straight, approximately 1m3 of silt built up over the years was removed. This widened the track by almost a whole lane spanning the bottom of the start hill to the start of the tabletop. With the help of resident coach, Kerrod Connors, detailed profiling was done to the dip at the end of the first straight to its original state. Riders have reported noticeable boost in jumps due to the accentuated profile.

The gate control hut had previously a retractable roof that was welded to a handrail, sealing it shut. Karl Hinspeter and Jani Tikkanen skilfully relocated the handrail and painstakingly refurbished all moving parts (some rusty or completely seized). The hut is now fully functional.

Thanks again to all the volunteers giving up their time for this huge job leveling up the track!!