New Bayside BMX Club race plates are now in stock at the canteen. These plates are an off the shelf, low cost option if you’re looking to get racing in a hurry.

All colours are a bargain at $15 each come packaged with cable ties.

To customise your new plate with your favourite number we’ve got numbers 0-9 for sale for $1 each as well in black or white.

We’ve got all colours available for all classes and they are BMXA spec’d so you can hit the open days without trying to make a plate from an ice-cream bucket lid (not that there is anything wrong with that). Plates come in:

  • Purple for mini wheelers (white numbers)
  • Orange for sprockets (black numbers)
  • Green for novice (white numbers)
  • Yellow for male 20″ (black numbers)
  • Blue for female 20″ (white numbers)
  • Red for the cruiser gang (white numbers)

The new plates will be available from Sunday racing 29th July until stock runs out.

Remember: Race numbers 1-8 are reserved for title holders and will need to have the appropriate letter next to them.

If in doubt check out Know your plate