Bayside BMX Club is holding its Ride in 2 BMX Day  on Sunday, August 19th.

Ride in 2 BMX Day is a BMX Australia initiative held across the country for newcomers to have a go at BMX under supervision by accredited coaches.

During the session, participants will be allowed on the track to try out different aspects of the track, bike riding techniques and the workings of the race gate, all under the guidance of coaches. All riders riding during the event will be covered under the BMXA insurance.

Ride in 2 BMX Day is free for riders of all ages  (riders range from 3 to over 60). Loan bikes of different sizes are available from the club. Helmets and gloves are also available.

Riders will need to have long sleeve tops and long pants along with closed toe shoes to be able to participate. A suggestion is jeans or track pants provided all legs and arms are fully covered.

Ride in 2 BMX

The Ride in 2 BMX Day differs from a typical club practice night as there will be

  • Less riders on the track at any one time, allowing for new riders to establish their comfort zone without the worry of running into other riders.
  • Closer contact with the coaches, giving the riders better feedback to tips and tricks to negotiate different parts of the track including the non riding aspects of the sport such as balancing the bike on the gate
  • New riders of different levels trying out the track, participants will not feel intimidated by the faster riders

The event is also a great opportunity for non riding parents to get to know the sport from a different perspective. This includes the riders view on the race track, bike sizing or even how different BMX is compared to other sports (even other cycling disciplines).

Why Choose Bayside BMX Club?

We are a family friend club that welcomes members of all ages, close to the city of Brisbane. BMX is a great sport, whether you intend to race or ride BMX for fitness, it is an enjoyable sport for the whole family.

Regardless of your goals, Bayside BMX Club offer a range of programs to support your bmx journey. We offer affordable beginner and advanced coaching, individual coaching programs and a very active club racing program.